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Artificial Limbs

Exploring Artificial Limbs: Enhancing Lives, Overcoming Challenges

“Artificial limbs allow amputees to achieve extraordinary things, but they come with adjustments and minor discomfort. With time and practice, you can learn to cope with any difficulties.”

Artificial limbs, repairs to limbs, and stump socks are essential for amputees to regain mobility and independence. In some cases, employment may warrant the need for two serviceable limbs, this can be discussed with your prosthetist and your medical team. It is important to note that artificial limbs are not superhuman replacements like those seen in movies; rather, they are a tool to empower amputees to lead fulfilling lives and achieve remarkable feats.

Artificial limbs, require time and practice to adapt to. They may not always be entirely comfortable, and minor irritations such as blisters and chafing can occur. The sense of balance may also feel different. Fortunately, prosthetists work closely with individuals to ensure the limb is well-fitting and as comfortable as possible. Over time, most amputees learn to cope with these challenges and adjust to their new limb.

In cases where fitting with an artificial limb is not feasible, wheelchair options are available to ensure mobility for amputees. These wheelchairs serve as a valuable alternative, allowing individuals to navigate their surroundings and maintain an active lifestyle.

Remember, the journey with an artificial limb is a process that requires patience and perseverance. With time, dedication, and support from healthcare professionals, amputees can make the most of their prosthetic limbs and continue to lead fulfilling lives.

Our main goals

As individuals navigating the realm of artificial limbs, we strive to address key aspects vital to our journey towards enhanced mobility, comfort, and independence. Here are our succinct objectives encapsulating the core areas of focus for prosthetic limb users:
Amputee Guide
Artificial Limbs

Exploring artificial limbs: enhancing lives, overcoming challenges, and fostering independence.

Phantom Limb

Understanding and adapting to phantom limb sensations for amputees.

Amputee Mobility

Promoting independence and mobility for amputees through advanced prosthetic solutions.

Benefits & Assistance

Navigating financial aid and support services for amputees, focusing on benefits and assistance programs.

Sport & Recreation

Promoting active lifestyles for amputees through sports, physical activities, and recreational opportunities.

Caring For Yourself

Guidance on self-care for amputees, covering limb hygiene, prosthesis care, and joint health.

Children & Teens

Supporting children and teens with limb differences: emotional, educational, and social guidance for growth and inclusion.


Enhancing employment prospects for amputees through support, rights protection, and tailored services.

Amputee Support
Coping with Loss

Addressing emotional healing and adaptation for amputees coping with limb loss.

Support Networks

Building community and offering peer support for amputees through regional societies and social networks.


Connecting amputees across New Zealand through supportive regional societies and resources.

Artificial Limbs

Enhancing amputee lives through artificial limbs: adaptation, comfort, and mobility.

Amputee Support

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