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Returning to Previous Employment

You may be feeling anxious about going back to work. In rare cases, it may not be possible to return to your old job, but the vast majority of amputees do return to previous jobs. Many take the opportunity to have a second look at their future employment and take time to do some additional training and then enjoy positions much better than previously.

Before you go back to your old job, it is important to build up your confidence in your ability to do the work using your artificial limb.

Seeking New Employment

Workbridge is an organization that provides a professional employment service for people with all types of disabilities and injuries, regardless of the disability or skill level. Workbridge also administers support funding on behalf of Work and Income, which can be used to help with additional costs directly related to a person’s disability when entering training, a job, or self-employment. Workbridge can be contacted toll-free at 0508-858-858.

The Human Rights Act (1993) protects your right as a person with a disability to have the same chances to develop and progress in the workplace as everyone else. Under the law, everyone must receive fair treatment regardless of gender, ethnic background, religion, age, disability, or sexual preference.

Mainstream is a two-year, subsidized employment program for people with significant disabilities. The program is provided by the State Services Commission and aims to assist participants into meaningful, long-term employment within selected State sector organizations. Mainstream can be contacted toll-free at 0800-559-009.

Our main goals

Enhancing the employment journey for amputees, focusing on confidence building, skill development, and the utilization of supportive networks and resources.
Amputee Guide
Artificial Limbs

Exploring artificial limbs: enhancing lives, overcoming challenges, and fostering independence.

Phantom Limb

Understanding and adapting to phantom limb sensations for amputees.

Amputee Mobility

Promoting independence and mobility for amputees through advanced prosthetic solutions.

Benefits & Assistance

Navigating financial aid and support services for amputees, focusing on benefits and assistance programs.

Sport & Recreation

Promoting active lifestyles for amputees through sports, physical activities, and recreational opportunities.

Caring For Yourself

Guidance on self-care for amputees, covering limb hygiene, prosthesis care, and joint health.

Children & Teens

Supporting children and teens with limb differences: emotional, educational, and social guidance for growth and inclusion.


Enhancing employment prospects for amputees through support, rights protection, and tailored services.

Amputee Support
Coping with Loss

Addressing emotional healing and adaptation for amputees coping with limb loss.

Support Networks

Building community and offering peer support for amputees through regional societies and social networks.


Connecting amputees across New Zealand through supportive regional societies and resources.

Artificial Limbs

Enhancing amputee lives through artificial limbs: adaptation, comfort, and mobility.

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