Early Referral to Limb Centre

It is important to have your child’s artificial limb fitted early. This way, your child will be much more likely to accept and use the limb. Artificial legs are fitted when the child shows signs of wanting to stand. Making and fitting a limb for your child will require at least three visits to the limb Centre - one for the cast to be taken, one for a fitting and one or more to finish the limb. As he/she grows, a new limb will be required every 6 to 12 months. As well, other visits will be needed for minor alterations and adjustments.

When your child’s artificial limb is finished, it is important that you both have training sessions in its use with the occupational therapist. Because the attention span of a young child may be less than 10 minutes, regular but short visits are necessary. The aims of these early training sessions are:

  • Getting you both to accept the artificial limb.
  • Getting your child used to wearing the limb continuously.
  • Familiarising you and your child with the artificial limb and all its parts, and also with how it functions both on and off.
  • Teaching your child activities which need to be done at home and school.
  • For the child with an artificial arm:
    Encouraging them to use the hook (or CAPP terminal device).
  • For the child with an artificial leg: 
    Letting them gain confidence with balance while standing.

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