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"Give it a Go" 2012

In conjunction with the National Conference in Napier, nine youths took part in activities over the weekend, consisting of rafting on the Mohaka River, horse trekking, sailing and rock climbing.  They also joined in with the main conference at the opening on Friday evening and dinner on the Saturday evening. Here is what some of them had to say…

The youth event is truly fun- we young amputees really know how to have a good time

I found the Youth Weekend in Napier very enjoyable. I enjoyed the rafting most of all, this is something I have wanted to do for a long time but since my accident, I have been too nervous to try.The Youth weekend, helped me realise that even though I have lost a limb and some activities might prove more difficult, if you don’t try them you won’t know what you are able to achieve. Even with a disability the enjoyment of getting out and doing these activities is great. I highly recommend everyone gives it a go.

My favourite part about the Youth Weekend was the river rafting because it was really fun and challenging and a good time to get to know the rest of the people on the raft. I learnt that horse riding can be fun when you are doing it in a group and that it is not just for girls


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