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"Give it a Go" 2019

Every year I have attended this event I continue to be amazed by the participants and their willingness to do anything!!!  I myself had never completed 2 out of the 3 activities we did this year and would not hesitate to go do again. This is an amazing event for all participants and I look forward to attending next year if given the opportunity to.
—Brooke Donaldson

GIAG is such an amazing event! I remember my first GIAG, I was anxious and nervous as being an amputee was new to me. Years later, I’m helping run the event! I love seeing new amputees attend and between us all we encourage everyone to participate and to challenge ourselves. To another very successful GIAG, thank you to the sponsors and all those that helped make a difference. Lives are being changed in a positive way!
—Matthew Bryson

I’d like to say a big thanks to the sponsors for helping make the Amputee’s Give It A Go programme happen again this year in Dunedin. I enjoyed participating in the activities and hanging out with a great bunch of people.
—Morgan Jones

Last weekend I was fortunate enough to be part of the GIAG activities as a support person for Morgan Jones (blind and an amputee). I cannot begin to say how impressed I was with these young people. Not just because of their attitude… “I want to do this so how can I do this??” as they masking taped kayak paddles to their stumps, or hopped barefoot down a slippy concrete ramp (and so the list goes on). But their overall manners were above the level of your average person and they were a delight to be around. They were polite and courteous with huge dollops of courage and tenacity thrown in to the mix. I truly was blessed to be given the chance to be part of their weekend, thankyou.
—Janine Burns (Morgan’s support person)

Thankyou to everyone who had a part in organizing the weekend. It was an incredible experience and I would totally do it again. My favorite part of the weekend was paintballing. It was great to be on a team and was really fun.
—Grace Johnstone

GIAG 2019 was amazing! As a recent amputee I found it extremely valuable and learnt a huge amount. It was great to be around people like myself and learn tips and tricks. I found it very motivating to see other people in my situation and around my age doing everyday activities and not letting their amputations limit them. It was also great to talk to people who truly understand and who have been there. A huge thanks to everyone who made this weekend possible!
—Naomi Carter

Thank you so much. I really enjoyed the opportunity to connect with other amputees from across New Zealand. We made fun of each other, exchanged notes, and developed new relationships. This opportunity is priceless and I will definitely attend again.
—Dan Ajello

As always these Give it a Go events are such an amazing opportunity! Meeting and having fun with such an amazing group of people is definitely the highlight! Seeing other people with the same struggles as you out there giving everything a go really pushes me on to give it a go too! I want to thank all the sponsors and organisers of this event- it really has been invaluable to my confidence and journey of being an amputee!
—Anna Grimaldi

What a weekend! From paintballing, to the escape room, to ending the day of activities with a scenic kayak experience on the Otago harbour. Each activity was new to me, and my smile only got bigger throughout the day. Finally a time where you as an individual can shine because all the attention that was focused on your leg is gone. I could not have surrounded myself with a better and brighter group of people who have the most amazing outlook on life. After this weekend not only is my heart and cup full, but my contact list is too. Could honestly say I will remember and treasure this weekend and the new relationships I’ve formed for the rest of my life. So from the bottom of my heart I thank you for this life changing experience, it was certainly life changing.
—Danielle Neeson-Morgan

Id like to thank all the sponsors and hard working people who make GIAG possible. This year was better than ever – Dunedin is an amazing city. Every time I go to GIAG I come away feeling elated and like I can achieve anything. Can’t wait to see everybody again next time and hopefully meet some new people.
—Ben Walker

I would like to thank the sponsors  of GIAG for giving me a fun weekend away. It was awesome meeting new people and sharing experiences with them.
—Glen teBogt

GIAG is one of my favourite weekends of the year. Not only do I get to try activities I’ve only ever dreamed of doing, but it is also the one weekend of the year where I am part of a group of people who are just like me. As young amputees, every day we must navigate a world that is designed with able-bodied people in mind, which at times can feel isolating and exhausting. But at GIAG, we’re simply one of many who are also missing arms and legs. When we push boundaries and overcome challenges through the GIAG activities (such as paintballing and kayaking) we build confidence, self esteem, and most importantly community. Without the generosity of sponsors, none of this would be possible. Thank you!
—Robbie Francis

Give it a Go – another year done and dusted.  A huge thankyou to all involved and especially the sponsors, this wouldn’t be possible without them. Its always a fun weekend getting to hang out with old and new friends while having a good time trying new things.
—Abby Morse


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