Going to School

Naturally, your son or daughter will attend the school of your choice. It is a good idea to talk to your child’s teacher before they start school, so that the teacher will know what to expect and can help as your child moves into the new group. You should maintain regular contact with the teachers as your child goes through school. Childish teasing about one thing or another is common. While you may worry about this, do not assume that it will have a harmful effect upon your child. Most children get teased at some time during their early school years and are able to handle it. What should you do, though, if your child comes home from school upset because someone made a hurtful remark? Talk together and with their teacher about the incident and show that you understand their hurt and anger. You may also be able to help get things into proportion, by explaining that immature people who feel that they are not good enough, like to tease others. When they put someone else down, it makes them feel bigger.

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