Mobility Scooters and Chairs

Mobility scooters and powered wheelchairs are not considered to be motor vehicles. This means a driver’s licence, warrant of fitness, licence label or registration is not required. However, the provisions in the Land Transport Act 1998 extended an existing offence using a motor vehicle carelessly or without due consideration for other road users, to also apply to any non-motorised vehicles (including mobility scooters). This means that users of a mobility scooter involved in a crash must stop to ascertain if any injury has occurred, render assistance to any injured party, and report the crash to the police within 24 hours. A maximum fine of $3,000 applies to someone convicted of careless or inconsiderate use of a mobility scooter with a maximum term of imprisonment of three months applying to someone convicted of careless or inconsiderate use causing injury or death.

You can drive on the footpath if the power chair or mobility scooter is no more than 90 centimetres wide and is not capable of a speed in excess of six kilometers an hour. If the chair or scooter is outside of these specifications, it must travel on the road, unless special approval is given by the Land Transport Safety Authority. To obtain special approval, contact your regional LTSA office.

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