Our Goals & History

The Amputees Federation of New Zealand Incorporated is a nation-wide, non-government, non-profit voluntary organisation. The Federation is governed by a National Executive elected annually by a National Council. 

Objectives and Goals

The primary objective of the Federation is to support and promote the welfare of all amputees. This includes offering peer support and encouragement when the going gets tough, and providing information and advice to help amputees achieve the quality lifestyle to which they aspire. There are eight Regional Amputee Societies affiliated to the Federation, all of which work towards the goals set by the Federation. These include:

  • Providing immediate support to new amputees, their families and caregivers, as they experience the trauma of amputation; and

  • Providing ongoing support to all amputees, including the provision of advice regarding rehabilitation, social and physical networks; and

  • Promoting the provision to amputees of the very best artificial limbs and aids available, and adequate training in the use thereof; and

  • Fostering positive links and liaising with health professionals, government departments, service agencies and key community groups, to promote the welfare and well-being of amputees; and

  • Encouraging individual amputees to achieve personal goals; and

  • Supplying information and advice to amputees; and

  • Establishing and maintaining standards relevant to amputees; and

  • ​Setting priorities for the attainment of this objective and these goals.


The New Zealand Civilian Amputees Association Incorporated was formed on 19 April 1947, when representatives of the District Associations met in Wellington and it was realised that a strong national association was needed to cater for the needs of civilian amputees, as opposed to war amputees whose welfare was provided for by the War Amputees Association. The name was changed to the Amputees Federation of NZ Incorporated in May 1984.


A History of the first 50 years of the Amputees Federation of New Zealand Incorporated, was published in 2002.


A History covering the following 25 years, was published in 2022

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