Personal Care

A residual limb presents an entirely new surface of the body to care for. Stump hygiene is particularly important since your residual limb will spend a good deal of time in close contact with a prosthesis.

Some hygiene guidelines:

  • Wash the residual limb daily with a mild or anti-bacterial soap;
  • Rinse the soap residue off the stump and dry it carefully;
  • Do not use oils, creams or talcum powder unless advised by your clinical prosthetists;
  • Change your stump socks daily;
  • Inspect the residual limb at least daily and more often if it is sore. Use a hand mirror so you can see all of it.
  • If you notice any skin loss, soreness or signs of infection (such as inflammation) in the residual limb, contact your clinical prosthetists as soon as possible.

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