Repairs and Adjustments

When your limb is in need of repair, you should contact your Artificial Limb Centre for advice. No small repair should be left until such time as a major repair becomes necessary. All repairs are free of charge. It is preferable that, except in an emergency, you make an appointment to attend a Limb Centre. All Centres have toll-free numbers.

Adjustments to the socket of your limb will be required from time to time, particularly if your weight has a tendency to fluctuate. If it becomes uncomfortable, you should make an early appointment to attend your Limb Centre.

It is not absolutely necessary for you to attend only the Centre nearest your home. If you are away from home and need urgent attention, contact the nearest Limb Centre where the prosthetist can access your records.

Clinics by prosthetists are occasionally held in some cities outside the Limb Centres (e.g. Whangarei, Rotorua, Napier, Gisborne, Palmerston North, Nelson, New Plymouth, and Invercargill). These are arranged through the Limb Centres with the assistance in some areas of the local Amputee Society.

Some people feel that, because they are receiving their limb and treatment free, if they have any complaints or problems they may be refused treatment or charged for their limb or repairs. This is not so. Prosthetists are highly skilled and trained people, who take a personal and a professional pride in their work. They want you to be completely happy with your prosthetic limb. If you walk out of the Limb Centre all thanks, praise and brave smiles on the outside when you are really full of doubt, dissatisfactions and unanswered questions, you have just wasted everyone's time, including your own. A good client is an assertive one!

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