The shooting sports are an area of opportunity for the amputee. Generally, they do not require a high degree of mobility or fitness for full participation. One of the strengths of the shooting sports is that they are in reality very varied, catering to a wide range of interests. For example, the shooter of a muzzle loading musket will have little in common with the clay bird trap shooter. In turn, he or she will know little of the air gun shooter on an indoor range under artificial light.

Costs vary widely. Clay bird shooting is at the top end cost wise, with airgun at the most economical. Many clubs have guns available for new members to use until they decide whether to continue with the sport. Don't buy anything until you have been to the club of your choice and know what is needed for that activity.

Much information can be gathered on line. A useful site is the NZ Shooting Federation. This site provides information on the various shooting groups and contact details. Ideally, the best way to make your first visit to a range is with a friend who is already a member but this is not essential. Happy shooting!

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