Vehicle Funding

There are specialised assessors in most regions who are registered to undertake vehicle assessments. To be referred to an assessor, ask your ACC Case Manager (if you are an ACC client) or, if non-accident, ask your family doctor. The assessor will then submit an application based on your needs and the eligibility criteria.

In the case of ACC, they will consider applications for the funding of modifications to an existing vehicle, or a replacement vehicle if the current vehicle cannot be modified. For those who are non-accident, e.g. physical disability, your assessor can submit an application to Enable NZ or Accessable (for Auckland/Northland people). To find out where your nearest assessment service is, you can phone Enable call-free on 0800 171981 or Accessable on 0508 001002. There is also some good information about this on the Weka website (disability funding). Enable NZ and Accessable administer funds for the Ministry of Health for the provision of vehicles and vehicle modification if you are assessed as requiring a vehicle to

  • obtain or retain full-time employment;
  • undertake full-time tertiary level education; or
  • undertake voluntary work.
  • Income and asset testing is required for all Ministry of Health vehicle funding.

The Lottery Board has an Individuals with Disabilities Sub Committee that makes grants to people with mobility-related disabilities for the purchase of vehicles, scooters and other mobility equipment. The grants are made to help people increase or maintain participation, fulfilment, enjoyment and achievement in the community. Because there are only limited funds available, not all applications are approved but generally there are sufficient funds to assist about 35-45% of those who apply. You can obtain more information and an application form by phoning the Lottery Board on 0800 824 824.

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