Your Rights

The Human Rights Act - If you're treated unfairly because of your disability, this may be unlawful discrimination.  The Human Rights Act can protect you from discrimination in these areas:  Government or public sector activities; Employment; Business partnerships; Education; Public places, vehicles and facilities; Goods and services; Land, housing and accommodation; Industrial and professional associations, qualifying bodies and vocational training bodies.  Disability includes physical, psychiatric, intellectual or psychological disability or illness.  This includes mental health conditions.  You can call the Human Rights Commission toll free on 0800 496 877 or visit their website at

A Code of Health and Disability Services Consumers' Rights protects your rights to receive quality health and disability support services. A national, free advocacy service is also available to assist where people with disabilities believe their rights have been breached.  Health and Disability Advocates can be contacted toll free on 0800 55 50 50 or website

Artificial Limb Services - It is also important that you are aware that you have rights when visiting the Limb Centre. You can request an appointment with the surgeon at any time and you also have the right to request a private consultation with any person providing a service to you, e.g. the prosthetist or the surgeon.

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